I’ll fix my eyes on you ~ I’ll set my sails in your direction

Where your love leads me I’m gonna follow ~ Where your love leads me I’m gonna go

From Shana’s song entitled “Go”


Insecurity, doubt, fear, depression, words that were all too familiar to Shana Strange. They weren’t just acquaintances, they were constant companions. Shana’s life was full of negative emotions that constantly kept her in a state of passivity and unbelief. Being a Christian the majority of her life did not exempt her from feeling un-important, un-needed, and un-original. Shana was born with some physical impairments that were a constant source of pain for her.

But God had a much greater plan for Shana. His infinite grasp never let her go as He reached into her dark world and brought her into the world of grace. Now she spreads this message of purpose & destiny she found through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Grace has been the liberating force behind the transformation of Shana’s life. She now does things she never dreamed possible. Through songwriting she is able to bring these precious truths into reality for her listeners.

In the past Shana has teamed up with LifeStage Records and released several hit songs to radio including “Rescue” and “Emmanuel Has Come”, both received national and international radio airplay. She has also competed and received excellent marks for songwriting and vocal abilities at such competitions as GMA’s Music in the Rockies and various regional talent competitions. Shana also has received instruction from Nationally recognized vocal coach Tim Carson, founder of Vocal Artistry. She has a degree in Religious Studies and is a certified Precept Ministries facilitator which has enabled her to speak at various women’s events.

Her struggle with overcoming low self esteem has now become the platform she uses to help other women trapped in the same bondage. Many women have been set free from the bondage of self hatred through the ministry God has birthed in Shana.

Shana is currently serving in the worship department of Lifebridge Christian Center in Longview.


Shana’s daughter Alyssa has been raised in ministry and a pastor’s kid since the age of 7. She began singing at an early age and it was very evident that she had a calling on her life.

Alyssa has a heart for worship and is currently a worship leader for Relentless Youth program at Lifebridge Christian Center in Longview, TX, along with ministering with her mother.

Shana & Alyssa


You said come away with me my love

Into the desert where you will find rest for your soul

After the breaking is done you’ll be whole

And when the time is right I’ll bid you go