• 5041031C-B842-4680-891C-7F7163CE6620 Shana Strange November 13, 2017 Come Out Of Hiding

    I have this fancy purple jacket hanging up in my closet and I can’t seem to get rid of it. It’s nicely detailed with embroidered patterns throughout the entire jacket. It’s a beautiful shade of deep purple, almost an eggplant color. One of the reasons I bought it is because it is long and hits […]

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  • IMG_2086 Shana Strange October 30, 2017 There Was a Struggle

    Will I ALWAYS be a slightly fat girl living in a chocolate sprinkled donut world?? The thought raced through my mind as I awkwardly tugged on my cardigan to snuggly wrap up my muffin top. I knew the skinny chirocpractor assistant girl saw me and my muffin top but I still didn’t want it exposed […]

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  • IMG_2042 Shana Strange October 16, 2017 Misunderstandings and Other Such Annoyances

    Is there anything worse than being misunderstood?  What a slap in the face it is to have someone completely misunderstand your actions….especially when they were pure and for the benefit of others.  What do you do when you have followed God’s will and instead of everything working out for all parties involved you are utterly […]

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  • IMG_1962 Shana Strange October 4, 2017 Don’t Take the Bait

    I felt my trigger finger itching to shoot. I knew I could throw up a quick smart sounding post on social media to sound off just like everyone else in the world. I wanted someone to hear my two cents because that’s the only way we can make a difference in our society, or so […]

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  • IMG_1930 Shana Strange September 18, 2017 30 Seconds to Greatness

    I’m sure most mornings at the gym I look like a crazy person. I tune the rest of the world out and turn up my eclectic mix of weird artist and proceed to sweat to death. I get a lot of stares and occasional high fives while busting out 30 second intervals of awful things […]

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  • IMG_1811 Shana Strange September 5, 2017 Cookies and Other Such Distractions

    Temptations rarely ever knock on my door when I’m feeling my best. They usually show up at my door knocking like an 8 year old selling girl scout cookies, loudly, unannounced, full of giggles and sparkles and I’m usually drained from my chaotic life so I shout an enthusiastic YES before she can even get […]

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