• 45F9026F-8041-44FB-8948-DB8F06B0D271 Shana Strange January 16, 2018 The Cleft of The Rock

    The waves crash all around The thunder beats upon the undone But I find peace here at the cleft of the rock Where mercy endures and hope lingers on The chaos clammers for refuge, Inching its way toward my heart But I reject the notion that I am completely without Instead I press on to […]

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  • 3A79A5F3-A233-4CCB-B648-FA4504E291CC Shana Strange January 2, 2018 The BEST New Year’s Advice

    Oh how I long to be carefree about life again, like I used to be as a child. Before life knocked me down a few times. Kind of like how my little 2 year old niece is. She is obsessed about singing “Happy Birthday” to all of our family members even when it’s not their […]

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  • 35C14C74-4B37-44FC-90FB-51FB80CF0D05 Shana Strange December 11, 2017 How To Stay Sane During the Holidays

    There are two types of people when it comes to the holidays. The first are the loud, obnoxious and happy type that spend every day decorating, baking cookies, blaring Christmas songs really loud everywhere they go and shopping for ridiculous amounts of time. Then there’s the rest of us: the overwhelmed, anxious and slightly vexed […]

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  • 7CAB0411-DBA9-48F9-9DEA-814EBE2BF50B Shana Strange November 26, 2017 Anxious For Nothing

    I stood on the verge of a mental collapse, holding a bed comforter set in one hand and my phone to my ear with the other. I felt the hot tears streaming down my face mingled with the humiliation of crying over something so ridiculous as this. Why couldn’t I just make up my mind […]

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  • 5041031C-B842-4680-891C-7F7163CE6620 Shana Strange November 13, 2017 Come Out Of Hiding

    I have this fancy purple jacket hanging up in my closet and I can’t seem to get rid of it. It’s nicely detailed with embroidered patterns throughout the entire jacket. It’s a beautiful shade of deep purple, almost an eggplant color. One of the reasons I bought it is because it is long and hits […]

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  • IMG_2086 Shana Strange October 30, 2017 There Was a Struggle

    Will I ALWAYS be a slightly fat girl living in a chocolate sprinkled donut world?? The thought raced through my mind as I awkwardly tugged on my cardigan to snuggly wrap up my muffin top. I knew the skinny chirocpractor assistant girl saw me and my muffin top but I still didn’t want it exposed […]

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