• IMG_1930 Shana Strange September 18, 2017 30 Seconds to Greatness

    I’m sure most mornings at the gym I look like a crazy person. I tune the rest of the world out and turn up my eclectic mix of weird artist and proceed to sweat to death. I get a lot of stares and occasional high fives while busting out 30 second intervals of awful things […]

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  • IMG_1811 Shana Strange September 5, 2017 Cookies and Other Such Distractions

    Temptations rarely ever knock on my door when I’m feeling my best. They usually show up at my door knocking like an 8 year old selling girl scout cookies, loudly, unannounced, full of giggles and sparkles and I’m usually drained from my chaotic life so I shout an enthusiastic YES before she can even get […]

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  • IMG_0447 Shana Strange August 15, 2017 8,064 Ways

    Most of my life complaining came very easy to me. I could always pick out the flaw in ANY given situation. Yeah so what if I made straight A’s in school, someone else made 100’s on everything. As I got older the scenarios changed but the propensity was still there- yes I had a good […]

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  • IMG_1796 Shana Strange July 31, 2017 When the Devil Tries to Take You Out

    ​​ Sometimes it ain’t easy to follow Jesus. I grew up in a family that followed Jesus as a lifestyle. I remember being dragged to church 4-5 days a week. We had Sunday morning & Sunday night services (unimaginable,yes I know), Tuesday night prayer meetings and the Wednesday night mid-week service. And let’s not forget […]

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  • IMG_1767 Shana Strange July 17, 2017 Satan Desires to Sift You Like Wheat

    Like any normal person, I thought I would use the handrail while galloping down the stairs at my friend’s apartment. I had just enjoyed a small group meeting with some of my most favorites girlfriends and I wanted to get down the stairs quick and jump in my car. It was half past eight and […]

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  • IMG_1735 Shana Strange June 29, 2017 I Hate Lukewarm Coffee

    I hate lukewarm coffee. As a matter of fact, if my coffee starts to get close to room temperature while I’m reading my Bible or whatever, I’ll go and pour it out. I only like my coffee hot or cold because it tastes awful at room temperature. Actually, I have to hold back the involuntary […]

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