• IMG_0160 Shana Strange March 19, 2016 Testing 1, 2, 1, 2………………

    Well that title just about sums up my life over the past 6 years….it’s been one test after another followed by a weird season of confusion, disappointment, followed by another round of tests, etc. And yes that was a run on sentence but it was only symbolic of my life these past few years. It […]

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  • Shana Strange November 13, 2015 Wonderland Encounters!!

    It won’t always be this way. I had to keep telling myself that or I would go crazy. Some people are afraid of change but I live for it. My personality is wired for progression and constant metamorphosis. I get complacent really quickly if I’m left too long to my own devices and crazy imagination. […]

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  • Shana Strange November 9, 2015 Catch the Foxes

    Being part of a worship team is not always easy.

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  • Shana Strange November 9, 2015 Foundations

    I was annoyed with life. Annoyed with the lack of change and the stagnant place that I couldn’t seem to climb out of no matter how hard I tried. I was out of resources, out of options and I felt overwhelmingly trapped. Years of begging God to change my circumstances had gotten me nowhere except […]

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  • IMG_0163 Shana Strange November 9, 2015 Welcome

    to our new website.

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