The Cleft of The Rock

The waves crash all around
The thunder beats upon the undone

But I find peace here at the cleft of the rock
Where mercy endures and hope lingers on

The chaos clammers for refuge,
Inching its way toward my heart
But I reject the notion that I am completely without

Instead I press on to the place that I know
The cleft of the rock; the home for my soul

Death cannot rob and time cannot steal
This place of calm I find when I finally kneel

Troubles melt like snow under the shining sun at high noon
And bitterness gives way to something beautiful

Beneath the clouds of deepest gloom
Life regenerates and hope blooms

Here I can rest; here I can be
Its enough to know you are here with me

When the storm lifts and all is right again
With lifted hands I’ll declare your sovereignty

For it was you that hid me in your rock
Until the storm passed and I could see


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