• IMG_1767 Shana Strange July 17, 2017 Satan Desires to Sift You Like Wheat

    Like any normal person, I thought I would use the handrail while galloping down the stairs at my friend’s apartment. I had just enjoyed a small group meeting with some of my most favorites girlfriends and I wanted to get down the stairs quick and jump in my car. It was half past eight and […]

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  • IMG_1735 Shana Strange June 29, 2017 I Hate Lukewarm Coffee

    I hate lukewarm coffee. As a matter of fact, if my coffee starts to get close to room temperature while I’m reading my Bible or whatever, I’ll go and pour it out. I only like my coffee hot or cold because it tastes awful at room temperature. Actually, I have to hold back the involuntary […]

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  • IMG_1705 Shana Strange June 8, 2017 The Truth About Rejection

    Excerpt from my upcoming book Providence:   It all started in elementary school when some of the other kids teased me about my crooked nose and slightly crossed eyes. I had to wear big glasses to try and strengthen my lazy eye. And then there was the awesome patch that the doctored required me to […]

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  • IMG_1587 Shana Strange May 23, 2017 If You’re Happy and You Know It

    ​​ Oh yes….just the title brings back cheesy moments of myself in a group of children making silly hand gestures and singing loudly and terribly off key. Well they were singing off key but I wasn’t. Right, so now that I have established that I didn’t sing off key we can talk about the topic […]

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  • IMG_1532 Shana Strange May 8, 2017 Advice on Getting Through a Bad Day

    I felt sorry for the guy. It became pretty apparent to me that this was not a good day for him. First he tried to change the light ballast in my office and dropped it on my desk. Pieces of glass scattered all across my desk and wedged their way into the files and papers […]

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  • IMG_1457 Shana Strange April 24, 2017 How to Stop Being a Miserable Christian

    I scrolled across a meme the other day that gave some of the best advice I’ve ever seen on a social media outlet before. It said, “Amazing things will happen today if you choose to not be a miserable cow.” I literally about lost it and fell out of my chair laughing so hard. But […]

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